So I had this awesome (well at least to me) post planned out to introduce you to our “library bag” and review the books the three of us picked out for last week’s trip. (If you remember we are a family of 4 so this math may not add up right. I can explain. My husband hates looking through shelves for books and is a picky reader in general so he doesn’t use our local library *arrow right through my librarian-wannabe heart!*.)

So what happened to that awesome post? Nobody came to visit.

Everyone I know knows Nobody. I don’t particularly MIND when Nobody comes to visit. My kids hate it because they always get in trouble. You see, Nobody is quite destructive. And noisy. And runs in the house (we’re the middle apartment of a 3 floor building – my neighbor has keyed my car because of my kiddos pulling out their kitchen chairs – we definitely try to stop the running). And usually somebody always gets hurt when nobody stops by. My mom used to tell me that every family has a Nobody that lives there. Nobody doesn’t live here. He just stops by to visit, fairly frequently.

Today, everybody’s favorite Nobody stopped by. He decided to give me some artwork. In pen. On our couch.

Our couch. I was just thinking about it this morning. It is the first piece of living room furniture we have ever purchased. The first couch we have ever had that did not smell like smoke when we brought it in, or have stains of questionable origins, and had all of the pieces (aka not missing the legs so we basically are sitting on a box on the floor). It is this soft material, kind of fake suede stuff. It is the perfect size for the four of us. Which is awesome since our apartment living room only fits our one couch and our coffee table ($35 at Target; defining characteristic: the hole I accidentally screwed through the top using the wrong screw in the packaging).

Nobody's pen doodles
Husband cleaning up the artwork Nobody left.

So….it kind of looks like a heart at the top. When we moved that book off of the cushion (look to the right) we found more of Nobody’s artwork. For the record…. for whatever material our couch is made of……rubbing alcohol and a washcloth took the pen right out. Right now the spot just looks a tad darker, like it’s wet. Which it is. So hopefully it will turn light gray again.

We asked the boys who did it. Of course, Nobody did it. So everybody didn’t get a story tonight and both boys ended up with a fine for lying (unimportant aspect for now; it goes with their allowance system) for today. They’re upset with me. By the way, Big tried to say he did it after he learned we weren’t reading stories but we knew it wasn’t him. He also had his “I’m lying” face on. Little did admit to it right before bed when he realized I wasn’t kidding about the stories. I know he’s bored and tired of being home sick this week but still. Pen? On our couch?

Thankfully, our Nobody is still pretty small and the damages are quite insignificant. Hopefully, Nobody can visit much less the older the boys get.

Do you have a Nobody? Does your Nobody live with ya’ll or just stop by to visit? Is there an age where Nobody stops coming over or is this a lifelong thing?


Little said what?

It has been raining for two days straight. SO.MUCH.RAIN. We have another 5 (yes FIVE) days of rain forecasted. SO.MUCH.RAIN….

Today I picked up Little from daycare 15 minutes early like a normal Tuesday. He asked to listen to his “Silly Songs” CD. I obliged. We were listening to 10 Little Monsters (you know: 1 little, 2 little, 3 little monsters…) and the following conversation took place:

Little: When you were little did you like 10 little monsters song?
Mommy: When I was younger we sang 10 little indians.
Little: *Waits a moment* So when you were a little girl singing silly songs you sang about 10 little idiots….?
Mommy: Not quite.

Wow. Just wow. I blushed even though it was just the two of us in the car!

I made Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight. The canned Manwich kind (*sorry*). Here’s something that was odd to me. As a kid I LOVED sloppy joes. It was my favorite thing to eat until I was about 20. My kids….well lets just say when it comes to sloppy joes they would rather just not eat it. Big doesn’t like the sauce and Little doesn’t like anything messy and freaks out if sandwiches fall apart. How’d I get them to eat tonight? Well this mommy cheated. They’ll both eat almost anything if I wrap it in a tortilla. Little doesn’t freak out about the mess and Big just loves to eat stuff like tacos. So now they’ve decided they like “sloppy joe tacos”. Mommy win 🙂

Now, does anyone have any suggestions to get Manwich out of a white polo shirt? I wasn’t paying attention to what Big was wearing and he is a messy eater. -_- oops.

Easter, Freezer cooking, and sickness

Yup, sickness, you read that right. This momma has a cold. I started with a sore throat on Wednesday and it progressed to what I was afraid was Strep. Now it is Friday and I am on day two of an up-and-down again low fever with a stuffy/runny nose with a cough and sneezes but my throat doesn’t hurt! Yay, mini-win!

Easter was an overall good day in the White household. Big wanted to go to church (since it was our first weekend at home in a month and a half). So we did. He panicked! He’s never been shy or overwhelmed by people before but he panicked at the number of people who attended on Easter as this was his first year in the main congregation for Easter service and not in the children’s area. I felt so bad for him!

Easter dinner I made ham, mashed potatoes, and corn! 😀 So proud! I planned on making rolls but I was so busy cooking and baking that I just didn’t have time that day. While I cooked dinner my husband was working on the XBox live stuff trying to get a game that Big was trying to buy. So entertaining the boys was up in the air. Little started to build with his Lego Junior briefcase set and Big came over and started to build a funky wall with the Lego Juniors in the bin. *Note: Big has never been into Legos and Little only likes Legos if there are instructions involved!*

Little playing with Legos.
Little double checking the directions to build his building.
Little and Mommy
Little taking a Lego break for a picture with Mommy
Big & Mommy
Big, his funky Lego wall, and Mommy!

Although they were both super sweet and took a moment to do their favorite activity. Taking pictures of themselves with Mommy’s phone so they can look at it when it’s taken.

Now to one of my FAVORITE activities: FREEZER COOKING! Well to be honest, I love baking and overall I enjoy cooking but my favorite thing has become sticking stuff in the freezer! I’m a Pinterest addict (much to my husband’s occasional dismay) and there are so many hints, tricks, and recipes to use. So Easter Sunday I put a lot of my, I really want to do these things before this food I bought expires, freezer recipes to use!

  • First up: my husband’s favorite: Chicken Taquitos from happymoneysaver’s website! We tweak it a little to fit his specific preferences of course (shredded grilled chicken, no cilantro or chilis, and we use mild cheddar cheese) but still a favorite. {I would normally show you a picture because I love making these since it’s so easy but I forgot to take one!}
  • Next: a new breakfast go-to for me: Breakfast Burritos from momontimeout’s website! I followed the recipe pretty closely (except I only made 1/4 of the recipe to yield 6 burritos). I don’t like to tweak recipes until I’ve tried them the way they are written first. Next time we’ll add more eggs and a few less potatoes to ours but overall a hit for me! My husband runs twice a week in the morning and he normally makes breakfast so I’m not forced to eat cold cereal now if I don’t want to!
The burritos ready to be rolled.
All six of our burritos ready to be rolled.
The burritos setting the in the freezer
{Ignore the unorganized freezer} The burritos have to set in the freezer for an hour before they go into a bag.

  • I also made a batch of cinnamon rolls (which always yields a pan full to be frozen) and used a crockpot chicken fajita recipe but made it on the stove and it was AWESOME for dinner the night before!

Oh, wow! That was so much in one weekend! I will definitely be taking time to write at night instead of watching mind-numbing television as this is so much more fun! Is anyone else a Pinterest addict?

Hello world!

Hello world indeed!

I am Tiffany! I’m a mother of two boys (6 & 4) and a wife to a (usually) wonderful man. I’m an avid reader with an innate attraction to fiction. I love anime (reading and watching). I enjoy Zumba and step aerobics but won’t go to classes alone. I have a Pinterest addiction. I work at a veterinary clinic managing a doggie daycare. I volunteer with a local service dog nonprofit. I majored in Political Science but I really want to pursue my Masters in library sciences. I am currently searching for a beginner library position or going to graduate school. That is enough about me.

Why Counting the Moments? Isn’t that what we all try to do? Make moments that count? Stop filling our days with fluff and start enjoying those moments? My days are busy with the fluff. I hate that. With Easter being tomorrow and an awesome day with Big and Little (our boys) I’ve decided to focus on our moments more and the fluff less. I’m a working mother. I’m one of those rare working mothers who are completely happy working my 40 hours and then coming home to my family. I don’t complain about needing more time with my boys (granted I’m off weekends so I get maximum time off with them). I do need more meaningful moments with them.

Approaching Easter and realizing there are habits like an Easter dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and rolls with my family that really are important to me from my childhood made me realize that the habits we create now will impact our boys when they have families. It is so nerve wracking thinking that Big will be able to drive in about 9 years nonetheless imagining him with children!

Hope you join us in making the moments that count and the habits for the future.