Holy Smokes Batman!

Holy Smokes Batman! It is February 2016 already! What does that mean???

Well…it means that Little is turning 5 years old!! My youngest will be 5. He will be old enough for his own library card [which he has eagerly been waiting since he was 3 years old for]. He will go to Kindergarten in August. He is definitely no longer a baby.

Little is SUPER into Batman for the last year. So into Batman that he has even been watching “Batman” on Amazon movies. This movie was from 1966 [Wikipedia page here]. He spent his Christmas money on a Lego Batman 3 video game and his favorite shirts, “stretchy pants”, and graphic novel are all Batman related. *Seriously, this kid is stuck on Batman* He is so into Batman that he has requested a Batman birthday. A Batman birthday at the local Chuck E. Cheese. So, what is mommy doing? Well among assigned reading, homework assignments, Big’s projects for school, cub scout activities, and day-to-day life, I am planning his birthday party.

First thing first. Invitations. Which actually turned into the second thing. BECAUSE, while I was searching on Pinterest I found this awesome printable: Water Bottle Labels. Which I printed on card stock and used the paper cutter at the library to cut into book marks. Little and Big LOVE them. Super easy to use once I figured out how to extract the file (my PDF and zip file viewing capabilities on Windows 10 is kind of wonky). WP_20160205_007

So, the actual reason I had gotten onto the internet (and skipped a perfectly awesome child-free afternoon nap) was to find an idea for invitations! Where a bit more exploration lead me to this AWESOMELY simple idea! DIY Batman Party Invitations at Simplistically LIVING. I downloaded her Batman symbol template. I was able to work with it to remove the yellow background after some work and I just printed it straight on yellow cardstock. (2 per page) I then created a oval shape and added text boxes to fill in the information for Little’s birthday celebration information.



-I didn’t put them in envelopes since his teacher is handing them out to his classmates and he is handing the rest to his soccer team and the neighbors. He is SO excited about the great invitations for his party and I’m so happy with how simple it was! I am a smidge behind on my personal homework (I just have about 50 pages of reading for Foundations of Information Science to finish by Tuesday for a discussion board BUT there is a Mardi Gras holiday so I don’t have class that night!). I’m also about 300 pages of reading behind in collection development. I should probably get on that. We’ve got Valentine’s Day parties at the boys’ schools this week and this mommy has to help make valentines.

However, last weekend was full of moments for our family. We spent a lot of time together. Little had his first soccer game of the season last Saturday.

He  played for almost 45 minutes straight and he played hard. Kid earned those cheese nips snacks and his favorite pizza at SoulShine pizza. He loves pineapple & ham pizzas. I’m not sure where he discovered this love but he tried it once at a pizza buffet and it’s all he wants anymore.

After our soccer excursion and lunch we had to make a stop at Academy to pick up some folding chairs. We had a cub scout pack meeting at a personally owned lake where the owner had gear and tackle for the boys to fish for Rainbow Trout and Bass in his lake. They then did a fish fry (and cooked some in the two bonfires set up) with the fish the boys caught. This property was fenced in and had a small trail and two bridges set up so when he got bored with fishing Little and I did laps around. [FYI: Mommy hates fishing.] My goobers LOVED it. After fishing (and playing) we roasted hot dogs over the bonfires, ate some of the trout the kids caught, and then roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. YUM!


Well the boys learned Saturday that our new agreement with watching cartoons QUIETLY until 8 AM [at which time Mommy would be sure to get up and they could then play video games] was to be upheld. By not holding up their end of the agreement there were no video games Saturday morning (and we got home too late for there to be any that night). So, Sunday I heard them briefly when they got up at 7 and let the dog outside to go potty. I also heard them go upstairs where they were quietly watching cartoons when we got out of bed at 8. They were super excited when daddy told them they could play on the Xbox One then.

They played video games while mommy and daddy worked on the drainage issues in the backyard. We started in the side area trying to make sure it is all angled downward and the holes that had been eroded away were filled and packed in. We then had to run to Lowe’s where we got some plastic sheeting to lay down before we placed the rocks back into the trench bed. It actually looks pretty good and we’re supposed to get rain next week so hopefully it works getting the water where it needs to be [which is not flooding our garage] and we can work on fixing the drainage issues in the back at a cost of less than 5 grand. I actually think it looks better than it did (it might be because we removed the leaves [why did we buy a house with so many darn trees!?].

Oh yea, and the last member of our family? She enjoyed playing with her boys and being lazy in general. Seriously, I was playing with her and I took out my phone. She started posing for me to take pictures to send to my momma. Haha. So, I took some pictures with her after she was done posing. I’m not sure she was amused.

Upcoming projects: Big has a “Famous Americans” performance at school where he has to dress up as Francis Scott Key. We are working on his Wolf Scout badge activities. Valentine’s day is coming up. Little’s birthday party. Homework [of course]. Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby is the same day as Little’s party and we have a soccer game that morning. SUPER busy day! [Not to mention we still have to make the cars.]

Seriously, we are a family of procrastinators! Big waited until the night before to do his reading fair project (which turned out great! He got 3rd in the k-2 group) and his famous American assignment (had to do an oral report and visual display – he got a 100.) I will definitely be sure to share those pictures with you all next time! Oh yea, and mommy and daddy chronically wait until the last minute to finish our homework too [no matter how early I get started on it].

Do you have chronic procrastination issues? How about Batman lovers and days that sometimes feel way too busy but you wouldn’t trade for the world? It’s a crazy life with all of these boys but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.



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