Graduate School

It has been a CRAZY fall! I had my first full semester of graduate school on my way towards receiving my Masters in Library Information Science! I am SOOOO close to completed for this semester. I’ve finished up my cataloging class and just have one more assignment left in my reference class. I am working on a graphic novel review article for my graphic novel seminar class which I LOVED! I’m super excited to be able to apply everything I’ve learned in this class to help the patrons -and to spread the love of graphic novels-.

Manga-me avatar

Seriously! This is my avatar that I created for the class!

One of the strangest things for me when my graphic novels class started was the creation of booktalk videos. A booktalk is an event where you try to talk up a book to a group so they’ll be interested in it BUT you have to be sure not to give too much away! We created, recorded, and shared booktalk videos on YouTube for four graphic novels for age groups: k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

So, I chose:

If you are searching for graphic novels by a specific age group/grade level I super, super, super encourage you to check out the ALA’s lists! ( : k-8) ( : teens)

Seriously! AWESOME lists! I also have a great list printed out from my professor AND another one from a guest lecturer from a previous year. I’m so excited to get to go through all of these awesome graphic novels and mangas!

I’m also in the process of submitting my application to get my children and youth services certificate as well as my masters. It turns out there was some miscommunication when I was applying and requested guidance and the application wasn’t completely done. So I’m now working on getting that portion submitted so I can actually get what I’m working so hard towards.

Big and Little are keeping us on our toes too. We’re all ready for winter break! Hope you’ve had an amazing fall!

Are you into graphic novels, comic books, or manga? I’d love to hear why you do or do not like them! Until next time!


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