My own little world

So, I’ve been off in my own little world lately. We finalized on the house and moved at the end of August. I started school mid-August again. I also worked for a week at the Digital Lab at my university. Then I got accepted for a position with the public library in our new town. It’s part-time, shelving books but I’ve been loving it. We’ve had a very small splattering of moments over the last month as we’ve been preparing for the move and trying to unpaWP_20150830_003ck and settle in.

WP_20150830_005Thankfully, we have three kids across the street who are around the boys’ ages. They love to visit with them and play with them.

Our dog, Kit Kat, is a chocolate Cocker Spaniel. She finally is able to come and live with us. She has spent the last year and half living with my mother and step-dad. She’s grown to love it too. She misses running the house like she did at my mom’s house; and doesn’t like the much more frequent baths and ear cleanings she is subjected to. Although, she likes to pretend to she is a ferocious guard dog when we’re together in the morning for work.

Kit Kat guarding the window

Big has started Cub Scouts again. We’re in the Wolf Scouts this year. So far we’ve only had one pack meeting and have absolutely no idea what’s going on. So far….pretty much the same as before…except we used to have weekly den meetings now we only have a monthly pack meeting.

Little has gone back to preschool. He kind of likes it. He thinks the work is really boring and his writing is already (at least pretty close to being) better than his brother’s. He is getting a new teacher on Monday. He’s not excited for that. He really liked the one who is leaving.WP_20150919_003


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