New Home

So, Raymond (my husband) started a new job last week! We are so excited to finally know where we are going to be able to settle down for awhile. He currently is staying with family until we buy a home and are able to move the whole family up there. His new job is three hours away from where we are staying. On the other hand, Big starts school in 2 weeks. Yup. 2 weeks. Here they start at the beginning of August and finish mid-late May.

We spent Saturday in the new town with our realtor looking at homes. The last house we went to visit for the day (which had to be rescheduled from third to tenth) was it. It was the perfect house for our family now and ten years down the road. My favorite part — might be that it’s yellow—and that it has a front porch. I’m a porch person. I love front porches. I also have my own office space and the kids have their own floor upstairs that includes a playspace/loft area between their rooms. We made an offer that day. Today (Sunday) the seller came back with a counter-offer. We’ve accepted although we are wondering what our new timeline is for closing. Originally it was supposed to be one month but they requested negotiating more time because they have to buy a new home first. So, now comes the hardest part to buying a new home…waiting to move into it….This week the boys and I are trying a craft from our “boys craft” Pinterest board. I can’t wait to share it!


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