My family of readers

It is no secret that I want to become a librarian. It is also no secret that I adore children books and young adult literature more than pretty much any genre of book. So many others will say it’s because I have small children and that it will change as they get older. However, I already know how wrong they are! You see, I loved these books before I could share them with the boys. It’s just now, I get to start sharing my favorite books with my favorite readers! So, here we will share our reviews on the books that we’ve read (mostly together, and some separately). I have read every book that will be reviewed. Little, on the other hand, cannot read on his own yet and does not care for chapter books. Those are just for Big.

Big    – 7 years old.

Meet Big!
Meet Big!

This is our eldest. He is affectionately referred to as “Big”. However, at seven years old, he is not very big. He is a whopping 46 pounds and 3 feet 8 inches. He is WAY to smart for his own good. He is obsessed with computers, video games, anything science related, the New Orleans Saints, and the New Orleans Pelicans. He is an avid reader whose preference is anything nonfiction. He loves to learn about weird events, natural disasters, history, and especially people. He is starting the 2nd grade in 2015. At the end of first grade his “AR” level was a 4.5-5.2 which means the books he reads are primarily geared towards a student who is in the 5th month of 4th grade through the 2nd month of 5th grade.

Little – 4 years old.

Meet Little!
Meet Little!

This is our youngest. He is lovingly referred to as “Little”. However, in comparison to his older brother, he’s not that little. At four years old, he is 43 pounds and 3 feet 4 inches. He is such an analytical thinker! He loves puzzles and is especially proud of the fact that he’s been working on 100 piece puzzles since last Christmas. He recently has discovered a love for some video games. He balks at rules in life but only will build with Legos if he has a guide to follow. His favorite author is Mo Willems. He loves the Elephant and Piggie books and the Pigeon books the most. Unlike Big, he adores fiction and does not care for nonfiction books at all. He loves books with bold pictures, bold statements, and imagination. He cannot read on his own yet but loves to listen to others read stories.

Mom – 26 years old.

Meet Mom {Aka: Me}
Meet Mom {aka: Me}

This is Mom (Me). I am 26 years old. I work from home, most of the time. My favorite books are anime/manga/graphic novels (depending on who you ask and where you are the genre descriptor tends to change). Next, I love children’s books and young adult novels. I am not a huge fan of nonfiction books. I do tend to enjoy historical fiction though. I have an overactive imagination like my children. I am not into science, nor am I great at puzzles over 100 pieces, but I am a hard worker, I have a passion for libraries and literature, and I enjoy writing.

There you have it. Us. In a nutshell. I am so excited for the awesome readers my boys are growing into, their opinions on the books that they read/have read to them, and to share these books with you! Are there any suggestions you have? Books that you/your children love?


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