Work at home

I’m now a work-at-home mom. I still work my 40 hours a week in my office online. Oh the joys of technology. We had to move in with the hubby’s parents for awhile while he tries to find a job. Thankfully, I didn’t have to completely leave a job I enjoyed and try to find another one while we’re here temporarily. I work remotely entering in invoices that get e-mailed to me, managing Facebook and Web site pages, answering e-mails that come in, and writing letters of inquiry and grant applications for the nonprofit I work with.

Working from homeThis is what I look like most mornings during work. Notice the messy hair? It’s from constantly readjusting my headphones. The headphones are because I have to listen to music for 8 hours a day to block out the noise….er..I mean….sounds of excitement and fun coming from the rest of the house. My two boys, mother-in-law, and husband are home every day, all day.

Pros: I like not having to wear scrubs. I hate scrubs. I don’t have to get someone to watch my area whenever I have to go to the bathroom. No dogs barking and constantly ringing phones.

Cons: My children (and rest of the at home family) provide plenty of interruptions. I have to wait for someone to e-mail me invoices and call if I have any issues. I can’t just get up from my desk and track it down for myself. I miss the dog barking and constant ringing phones. Mostly, I miss human interaction outside of the house.

I have learned that I need the quiet time after work to settle down. I also like having a place to go to that is noisy in it’s own way but not sounds of home noisy. Starring at a screen for 8+ hours a day sucks. I may be antisocial sometimes but I really miss human interaction that’s not the people I live with.

Do SAHM and other working from home moms have these problems? Am I just too ungrateful for my situation?


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