So I had this awesome (well at least to me) post planned out to introduce you to our “library bag” and review the books the three of us picked out for last week’s trip. (If you remember we are a family of 4 so this math may not add up right. I can explain. My husband hates looking through shelves for books and is a picky reader in general so he doesn’t use our local library *arrow right through my librarian-wannabe heart!*.)

So what happened to that awesome post? Nobody came to visit.

Everyone I know knows Nobody. I don’t particularly MIND when Nobody comes to visit. My kids hate it because they always get in trouble. You see, Nobody is quite destructive. And noisy. And runs in the house (we’re the middle apartment of a 3 floor building – my neighbor has keyed my car because of my kiddos pulling out their kitchen chairs – we definitely try to stop the running). And usually somebody always gets hurt when nobody stops by. My mom used to tell me that every family has a Nobody that lives there. Nobody doesn’t live here. He just stops by to visit, fairly frequently.

Today, everybody’s favorite Nobody stopped by. He decided to give me some artwork. In pen. On our couch.

Our couch. I was just thinking about it this morning. It is the first piece of living room furniture we have ever purchased. The first couch we have ever had that did not smell like smoke when we brought it in, or have stains of questionable origins, and had all of the pieces (aka not missing the legs so we basically are sitting on a box on the floor). It is this soft material, kind of fake suede stuff. It is the perfect size for the four of us. Which is awesome since our apartment living room only fits our one couch and our coffee table ($35 at Target; defining characteristic: the hole I accidentally screwed through the top using the wrong screw in the packaging).

Nobody's pen doodles
Husband cleaning up the artwork Nobody left.

So….it kind of looks like a heart at the top. When we moved that book off of the cushion (look to the right) we found more of Nobody’s artwork. For the record…. for whatever material our couch is made of……rubbing alcohol and a washcloth took the pen right out. Right now the spot just looks a tad darker, like it’s wet. Which it is. So hopefully it will turn light gray again.

We asked the boys who did it. Of course, Nobody did it. So everybody didn’t get a story tonight and both boys ended up with a fine for lying (unimportant aspect for now; it goes with their allowance system) for today. They’re upset with me. By the way, Big tried to say he did it after he learned we weren’t reading stories but we knew it wasn’t him. He also had his “I’m lying” face on. Little did admit to it right before bed when he realized I wasn’t kidding about the stories. I know he’s bored and tired of being home sick this week but still. Pen? On our couch?

Thankfully, our Nobody is still pretty small and the damages are quite insignificant. Hopefully, Nobody can visit much less the older the boys get.

Do you have a Nobody? Does your Nobody live with ya’ll or just stop by to visit? Is there an age where Nobody stops coming over or is this a lifelong thing?


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