Little said what?

It has been raining for two days straight. SO.MUCH.RAIN. We have another 5 (yes FIVE) days of rain forecasted. SO.MUCH.RAIN….

Today I picked up Little from daycare 15 minutes early like a normal Tuesday. He asked to listen to his “Silly Songs” CD. I obliged. We were listening to 10 Little Monsters (you know: 1 little, 2 little, 3 little monsters…) and the following conversation took place:

Little: When you were little did you like 10 little monsters song?
Mommy: When I was younger we sang 10 little indians.
Little: *Waits a moment* So when you were a little girl singing silly songs you sang about 10 little idiots….?
Mommy: Not quite.

Wow. Just wow. I blushed even though it was just the two of us in the car!

I made Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight. The canned Manwich kind (*sorry*). Here’s something that was odd to me. As a kid I LOVED sloppy joes. It was my favorite thing to eat until I was about 20. My kids….well lets just say when it comes to sloppy joes they would rather just not eat it. Big doesn’t like the sauce and Little doesn’t like anything messy and freaks out if sandwiches fall apart. How’d I get them to eat tonight? Well this mommy cheated. They’ll both eat almost anything if I wrap it in a tortilla. Little doesn’t freak out about the mess and Big just loves to eat stuff like tacos. So now they’ve decided they like “sloppy joe tacos”. Mommy win 🙂

Now, does anyone have any suggestions to get Manwich out of a white polo shirt? I wasn’t paying attention to what Big was wearing and he is a messy eater. -_- oops.


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