Hello world!

Hello world indeed!

I am Tiffany! I’m a mother of two boys (6 & 4) and a wife to a (usually) wonderful man. I’m an avid reader with an innate attraction to fiction. I love anime (reading and watching). I enjoy Zumba and step aerobics but won’t go to classes alone. I have a Pinterest addiction. I work at a veterinary clinic managing a doggie daycare. I volunteer with a local service dog nonprofit. I majored in Political Science but I really want to pursue my Masters in library sciences. I am currently searching for a beginner library position or going to graduate school. That is enough about me.

Why Counting the Moments? Isn’t that what we all try to do? Make moments that count? Stop filling our days with fluff and start enjoying those moments? My days are busy with the fluff. I hate that. With Easter being tomorrow and an awesome day with Big and Little (our boys) I’ve decided to focus on our moments more and the fluff less. I’m a working mother. I’m one of those rare working mothers who are completely happy working my 40 hours and then coming home to my family. I don’t complain about needing more time with my boys (granted I’m off weekends so I get maximum time off with them). I do need more meaningful moments with them.

Approaching Easter and realizing there are habits like an Easter dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and rolls with my family that really are important to me from my childhood made me realize that the habits we create now will impact our boys when they have families. It is so nerve wracking thinking that Big will be able to drive in about 9 years nonetheless imagining him with children!

Hope you join us in making the moments that count and the habits for the future.


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